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Welcome  to
The Vistara School  of Wisdom


Working as a practitioner in the healing arts for many years, I am answering my soul’s calling to expand my practice and open a school - The School of Vistara Teachings!

Through the years, clients have asked for guidance on what they can do outside of our private work to continue their learning and healing according to Divine principles. Through my background in education, developing curriculum, personal and academic studies, The School of Vistara Teachings is answering that call.

Vistara is a wisdom school for adults desiring to serve others in unveiling and embodying their inner knowingness. It was formed from the intention of assisting others on their path of remembering and knowing themselves as Light. The core teaching is unconditional love and non-judgment for oneself and others. Therefore, we make the courageous choice to clean our own house. We go on a conscious soul journey to dissolve anything that does not align with love and accept our highest Divine potential. As blocks are removed, our wisdom is unveiled, and it guides the path of healing, remembering, and service. This is the expansive journey of Vistara.  



To activate soul's wisdom at our core, students will utilize the Mandala Learning Circle methodology. Students see, feel and embrace their Light, which is the first layer of the Mandala. Based on this methodology, Vistara offers three pathways to unlock your soul's wisdom through custom-designed learning paths that integrate healing, foundational learning, exploring, community and embodiment. (see links below)















Vistara is an affiliate of Emerson Theological Institute. This beautiful partnership allows Vistara students to transfer credit of completed classes towards an Emerson Masters or Doctorate in spiritual studies. Vistara can now offer over 100 book study classes for individuals or in small group instruction. We are honored to have this partnership!   See the link below for more information about Emerson.



The Vistara Practitioner of the Healing Arts is designed to uncover your soul’s wisdom to be a vessel of healing for others that is unique to you! If you are new to the healing arts or desire to expand your healing practice, we are here to serve.

Vistara Soul Expansion Journey is uniquely created to meet the needs of those who seek meaningful healing, and soulful learning experiences within a community of others seekers on a spiritual journey. Students may sign up for the program, or take classes a' la carte.

After the intense journey of high school, taking time to know oneself at a deeper level is a gift.  Vistara Gap Program is deigned to help young adults slow down and find meaning within - learning who they are on a deeper level.  

How to register for programs?

Use the Contact section below and state which program you are interested in and I will be in touch! 

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