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Mentoring & Spiritual Counseling

 What is Mentoring and Spiritual Counseling?


  • Mentoring is a process of defining the needs of the individual (see below), and actively supporting one in achieving their goals. 


  • 'Spiritual' is defined by intentionally connecting on a soul level for the purpose of balancing and healing.  *Each mentoring experience is unique based on the intentions of the client.  

  • Some clients prefer mentoring which would include mindfulness techniques and practices.  Others choose to add the spiritual component which simply means mindfulness and spiritual education combined.  It is up to the individual what works best for them. 

Who is this for?

  • All ages

What could it look like?

Issues that could be discussed for adults:

  • *Dealing with anger, sadness, negative self-talk

  • *Constant worry, drama in relationships, overwhelming fear

  • *Lost hopes and dreams, going through the motions of life

  • *Feeling not good enough/not worthy

  • *Emotionally exhausted, not feeling connected to the real you.

  • *Feeling isolated

  • *Desiring a personal connection to a higher source

  • *Understanding why you feel so sensitive

  • *Discussion of "Life" Wisdom/Key Elements of Life (see philosophy on my website)

  • *Learning how to silence the mind and go within.

*For minors, I will utilize a mindfulness approach for healing, empowering and understanding unless they are asking questions about God, the Universe, etc.

Sessions and fees:

  • 60 min./$75

  • 90 min/$100

How to book a session?

Use the Contact section below and I will be in touch!  *Online booking will be introduced in the summer of 2021.

*I also offer Intuitive Sessions with Mentoring as well -  click below for more information.

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