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Sacred Sessions
at The Quiet Place


Divine Consciousness.
All is Love.
All is Light.
You are All.

Sitting with individuals seeking to remember who they are is an honor.

It all started when I sat with a client, and she asked a question I did not have an answer for—so I asked if I could meditate to receive clarity. What occurred was unexpected, mystical, and healing for my client and myself. She received Divine messages that linked her inner child's pain to her present in order to heal from the root. She was free! I realized what I thought was vivid imagination as a child was a divine message of higher consciousness. At that moment, I was set free as well. I finally understand who I was and why I was here - to empower others to heal as they remember their birthright of Sacred Love and Light.

Each time I enter the sacred sanctuary within, I am amazed at what I witness—the most powerful wisdom, clarity, and unconditional love that words truly cannot describe. It all is felt through the heart, transforming pain into metaphysical healing and profound understanding. Again, the heart is where the Divine song sings. Sacred Sessions sings your song.

I KNOW Souls are beautiful and powerful! YOU are beautiful and powerful! I see, hear, and feel it each time a precious soul sits in front of me. I am humbled and grateful.

A sacred session at The Quiet Place lasts one or two hours for all clients. Day guests are welcome to spend another hour or so alone in nature and silently communion on The Quiet Place's holy grounds, which is highly recommended. I also offer a version of sacred sessions by phone or in person in Mooresville. 

Contact me if you have any questions. 

Love and Light Always, Laura

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