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My Journey

We are more alike than different...

Does any of this ring a bell:

  • Bored, depressed or unfulfilled?

  • Drama in relationships/family?

  • Mind constantly spinning in worry?

  • Feeling unworthy of true happiness?

  • Low self-worth?

  • Feeling alone/invisible?

  • Perfectionist?

  • More anger than joy?

  • More sadness than joy?

  • Feeling lack of control?

  • A need to control everything or it will all fall apart?

  • Negative thoughts going around and around on hamster wheel in your head?

  • I feel like crybaby?

  • I feel like I could snap at any minute?

  • Who I am really?

  • Why am I here?

  • I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired?

We are more alike than different, and that also goes for our internal struggles and suffering.  I could relate to many of the questions on this list at one time in my life.  Then one magical day (even though it felt the least bit magical at the time), I became sick and tired of being sick and tired of my own thoughts creating havoc in my life.  So, I reached out for help.  I did not pick up the phone initially, but instead, something deep inside of me said, “Help me!”.  

Low and behold, after that declaration, some pretty amazing people ‘fell’ into my life.  When I first met them, I remember thinking, “I want whatever they have!”  They walked in confidence and love; they felt peaceful and inspired.  Therefore, I did the obvious - I asked them to “fix me!"  Truthfully, I begged them.   However, they all would say the same thing, “Go within; all the answers you seek are already there.”  

Well, that was the last thing I wanted to hear!  What was going on inside me did not feel powerful.  I felt like it was an obvious decision that I should not be the one to fix; it had not worked out so well up until that point.   So, I did what any logical person would do in that moment; I pouted and begged them more!

After some time, I began to understand that only I could reach the peaceful place within myself and no one could do it for me.  However, what they did do was to love me unconditionally while sharing Infinite Wisdom from their own life and other powerful teachers.  As I began to soak up this information, I would usually leave them with more questions than answers.   I feel sure that was their point!  So, I began to seek the truth; about myself and life.  I read many, many books, attended classes and journaled constantly.  

Eventually, I would notice little changes in my thought patterns and reactions...something was happening to me!   I now believe that all the books, classes, informal and formal sessions I had with my mentors, finally broke down my human ego enough to where I finally embraced that I was good enough.  At that point, I discovered what they were talking about all along; the power of silence and going within to find answers and guidance.  Therefore, in the end, the most powerful ‘action’  that all of my teachers did for me was to hold my hand, remind me to be gentle with myself while I did my own ‘inside’ work.  They loved me enough not to do it for me, knowing it would not work anyway.  In the end, I did not need "fixing;" I needed to remember who I was.

As I continue this mission, it is my intention is to assist others on this path of self-acceptance as they journey inward.  It is beautiful to witness someone uncover their light and to watch them shine!  What I share on the Philosophy Page is the Wisdom and Insight that I fully embraced early on in my journey. This literal integration led me inward to discover who I really was…and I found out that I really liked her.   It was a true awakening to a beautiful life.  This opportunity is here for us all; all we have to do is say “Yes!”

*Check out the Philosophy Page for the Key Elements of Life!

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