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The Key Elements of Life

My Top 10 for Those Beginning Their Path:

  • *First and foremost, there is an incredible power in silence; quieting the mind and going within.  Everything below can be accomplished by being in a quiet space.  Even more, there are realizations on your journey only you can discover.  If you start a practice of silencing the mind, you will create peace very quickly!  You could literally stop at this bullet point!

  • *Life is always reflecting to us what we need to learn and remember about ourselves to end our suffering.  If someone or something is bothering us, it is an opportunity to look deeper within ourselves to find the part of us that is asking for healing.  Look for the mirrors in your life and set yourself free!  Byron Katie, who I refer to often, is one of the best teachers of this belief system.  

  • *Our thoughts are more powerful than we typically know; especially the beliefs we have about ourselves!  Our thoughts produce an energy.  Many philosophers will say we create our experiences based on our thoughts and beliefs.  Therefore, examining our thoughts is key!

  • *There is a powerful law of cause and effect that is always in motion.  We studied about it in high school science class, but we had no idea how it was/is always working in our personal lives as well as the world.  When we are more aware of what is causing our frustrations, we can adjust the cause to create a more peaceful effect.  When something pops up we do not like, it is more productive to ask, "What is this situation bringing forth for me to learn?"

  • *Our bad moods can be a combination of many things, one of which is we are literally ‘wearing’ other people’s negativity/drama.  Without being conscious, others project out their negativity.  If we are sensitive, we can pick it up and make it our own.  We also project our stuff back out to those we typically love, (or to strangers in traffic jams) because we are avoiding dealing with our own stress.  If you have ever said, "I just do not feel like myself!", that is truer than you know!

  • *Piggybacking on the last bullet point, if you have been told you are ‘sensitive’, or ‘wear your emotions on your sleeve’, you actually have a gift; a powerful gift.  Since we are all energy and our thoughts produce a literal vibration, you are walking around picking up on everyone else’s stuff!  There are some great ‘practices’ to prevent us from taking on other’s emotions and struggles, while still loving them!  It is the most loving thing you can do; it is called healthy detachment.

  • *Speaking of vibrations, when we are not feeling connected to others, it sometimes is as simple as a vibe thing, literally.  The vibrations are just not matching.  I read once, if you are vibrating at a high level and someone else is not (for whatever reason), they will either raise their vibration to match yours or they will just walk away/leave. 

  • *The voice in your head does not have to control your life!  Practicing discernment of this voice is becoming conscious of the words you repeat, whether they are negative or positive. If they are negative, ask yourself where is that statement truly coming from?  Is it creating happiness or stress?  If thoughts are creating our reality, it is powerful to consciously create positive, self-accepting thoughts.  Even when we ‘mess up’, we can create peace by how we handle our goofs! (...more about when we mess-up in the last bullet.)

  • *Therefore, our thoughts are more of a choice than we realize, we just never knew it!  The good news is we can consciously change them once we are aware of their power.  Begin declaring the opposite of what you are feeling.  I AM peaceful, etc.   It may sound a little silly at first, but true miracles can occur through positive I AM statements!

  • *Perfectionism is an outward sign of one who feels like they will be rejected if they make a mistake.  It can be an extreme fear of rejection.  It seems the root of most of our stress, struggle and suffering, is a deep-rooted fear of not being good enough.  As cliché as it sounds, mistakes are not bad.  They are opportunities to grow, or, as my dear friend Marian would say, mistakes are actually opportunities to remember who we really are.  That may sound totally backwards, but it is absolutely true!  It is more productive to ask, "What is this situation/person here to teach me?" versus self-punishing thoughts or projecting anger out to the world.

  • This is what I have found are some of the keys to convince ourselves we are actually good enough!  I encourage you to reach out and discover the amazing person that I promise you matter if you think you can prove it otherwise!

  • *For more information on how this came to be, check out My Journey page.

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