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Mindfulness for Children & Teens


It has been my privilege to work with children throughout my career. Many are old souls on a mission to help make the world a better place through their unique gifts. But many times, these special gifts, when they are not understood, feel like burdens. On top of that, social media and societal pressures can add extra strain on their emotional well-being. Through this all, sometimes they lose sight of their spark drains self-worth.


The good news is their spark is still there, just hidden due to confusion. Mindfulness dissolves confusion to assist children in uncovering their true selves. Children begin to learn to see themselves and the world through the eyes of love and not fear by learning self awareness which is emotionally empowering.   At this point, low self-worth transforms into self-love and value, not only for themselves but for others.


It is my honor to work with these beautiful souls:

  • to meet them right where they are on their journey;

  • to connect with them by embodying unconditional love and non-judgment;

  • to mentor through mindfulness;

  • to help them discover their gifts which are often misunderstood;

  • to assist them in connecting to their soul's wisdom;

  • to reflect their beautiful Light.

I do not desire to make them into anyone or to force a belief system on them. Students already have everything they need inside for their journey, and it is my honor to create the space for them to remember. 


I work with children of all ages, teens and young adults through age-appropriate mindfulness techniques. 


Fees: (virtual and in-person)

Young children:

30 min/$50


Older children:

60 min/$75


Teens/Young adults:

60 min/$75

90 min/$90

How to book a session?

Use the Contact section below and I will be in touch!  *Online booking will be introduced the summer of 2021.

Children (and adults) who love and value themselves, 

naturally do loving and valuable things for themselves and others. 

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