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The Vistara School Practitioner of the Healing Arts 


Welcome to The Vistara Practitioner experience! Inside individuals desiring to serve is the knowingness of the practitioner through the Mandala Circle Learning methodology . This program is designed to uncover your soul's unique purpose of being a vessel of healing for others. By uncovering your soul's wisdom, you will discover and remember: 

  • who you are as a Divine being,

  • why you are unique (and fully embrace yourself),

  • uncover and enter into conscious awareness of your healing gifts, 

  • how to connect to your gifts and embody Love frequency for continuous self-expansion and facilitation of healing for others. 



Students experience personal healing and soul expansion by saying Yes to the Divine calling within. Vistara meets you where you are in your journey, and we will develop a custom curriculum for your circles of learning. While no two students' experience will be the same, every circle will facilitate expansion according to these core components: 



Personal healing and expansion are vital to uncovering your true Divine essence. When you encounter your true Divine essence, anything that is blocking this expansion will rise to your awareness to be healed. Through healing your inner self, you will step into your Divine power - not a power of the ego, but an expansive sense of empowerment that comes from knowing you are one with the Divine. Healing is a continuous process and will be incorporated into every circle.



In our modern world, the intellectual brain is greatly valued, and therefore it sometimes develops faster than the emotional or spiritual aspects of self. Instead of denying the intellectual experience, we will engage it by studying Divine/Universal laws and Ancient Wisdom and concepts. As Universal Truths are taught and absorbed, the students' vibration raises to Divine Love frequency. This frequency will then activate the heart and soul's wisdom by going deeper within and expanding into higher consciousness.


Foundational learning may occur in small groups or individually; it may appear as a book study or discussion-based learning. The content will be determined by what you desire to learn. Unlike traditional schooling, foundational knowledge is just scratching the surface of what you are being called to know and remember. Foundational learning plants seeds within us that we will nurture through vulnerability and engage practically to grow the concepts from within and fully embody the Soul's Wisdom (Divine Truth).



When we embrace foundational Divine Truths, it is like opening our eyes for the first time. We begin to see old things in new ways - we look at the same world but begin to see it differently. From this new perspective, we want to practice engaging with the world in a new way. We want to approach it from a spirit of vulnerability and learn to interact with Divine frequency revealed within and around us. We want to integrate the intellectual with the emotional. We ask, "What do these truths mean for me?" "Where do I see them present?" and "How do I interact with them?" Together we will identify practical means (meditation, community engagement, energy work, etc.) for you to understand Foundational learning at a core level, more profound than your intellect.



As you work through your circle experience, your gifts will emerge and join your passion for serving. Your mentor will assist you in exploring ways to share your talents and begin to have practical experience in the fields you desire. Apprenticeships are incorporated in each circle of learning. 


As the four aspects of your circle learning interact with one another and blend, those experiences activate the soul's memory. Through this higher frequency, your consciousness expands, and the embodiment of Divine Wisdom occurs. Embodiment sessions will take place when the student feels it is time to move to the next circle. The student will participate in a guided session to unpack and reflect on your circle experience. Healing, foundational learning, exploring, and practical application are woven together and expand your consciousness. This expansion is a sacred experience as it is the frequency of embracing your soul's wisdom that will lead you to your next circle on your practitioner journey. 



Learning circles are developed through an intuitive process. Your mentor will assist you in this process by asking:

  • What do I desire to heal?

  • What do I want to understand more?

  • How do I want to explore this field?

  • How do I want to serve my greater community in the healing arts?



What does this mean for you?  A few things -

  • Students will receive a credential certificate for each completed Vistara class. If the student chooses to pursue a degree at Emerson, these credentials will count toward your units of study!

  • Through our partnerships, Vistara can offer over 100 book study classes!



We cannot rush expansion; therefore, learning circles will take as long as you need to complete - all in perfect Divine timing! However, it would be reasonable to expect 3-4 months for one circle.



Vistara Practitioner of Healing students will need to accrue *40 credit hours to graduate. If a student has previous experience, they may receive credit towards their graduation requirements. An ethics course, general business consultation, education on the necessary licenses, regulations, and usable resources to utilize in your healing practice will be paired alongside your last circle. 



As each circle is uniquely designed according to the needs and desires of the student, pricing and credit hours per circle will also be fluid.  There is a one-time $125 registration fee.

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1.  Guided healing sessions:  

These sessions are sacred, powerful, and beautiful opportunities for healing.  Sessions may include intuitive readings, energy work, mindfulness and spiritual counseling, student-lead healing meditations guided by Laura, meditative writing or a combination of all.  Students will uncover their highest Divine potential through remembering their inner Divine Light. 

2. & 3.  In-person or zoom class taught by Laura (1:1 or group)  

Students will attend classes that best meet their specific desires of learning and growing.  Your mentor will prepare and provide materials, handouts and activities when applicable. 

  • One-credit classes -  2 - 2.5 hrs. in length.

  • Two-credit classes - 4 hrs. (break and snacks provided) OR two-2 hrs. classes.

  • *Three-credit classes -  1 day retreat (6 hours) including a meal and activities. *In-person only.

4. Guided Book Study

Guided book studies provide a structured approach to learning and are recommend when students are learning new information.  The question and answer format assists students in organizing the new information for further contemplation.  Answers will be submitted to their mentor for further discussion of the material.  

Students will choose from a variety of books based on their interests, areas of growth and recommendations from their mentor. Credit hours are based on the length of the book and the amount of activities, exercises within the book. A list will be provided. 

5.  Independent Book Study

Independent book studies provide open-ended questions and encourage annotation of the text and journal reflection of the material.  Students will expand their knowledge and share their specific and unique interpretations of the reading with their mentor for future contemplation and discussion.

Students will choose from a variety of books based on their interests, areas of growth and recommendations from their mentor.  Credit hours are based on the length of the book and the amount of activities, exercises within the book. A list will be provided. 

6. External class (facilitated by another mentor or organization)

We have a wealth of spiritual teachers in our area and many online classes offered worldwide. Students may attend external courses based on their interests and areas of growth. After completing the class, students will sit with their Vistara mentor to reflect on their experience and share what they learned.

7. Guided experiences with Laura

Students may choose from many 'hands-on' type experiences to deepen their understanding and widen their perspective in the healing arts. The student may choose an experience or experiment with any of the following: energy healing, meditative writing, empathic and intuitive gifts, mediumship, etc. 

8. External experience 

External experiences are 'active' opportunities to explore the healing arts hosted by another practitioner or school. Some of those experiences may include sound bowl healing, silent retreat, meditative labyrinth experience, shaman experiences, etc. After completing the activity, students will sit with their Vistara mentor to reflect on their experience and share what they learned.

9. Apprenticeship

Students may enter Vistara knowing precisely what they desire to 'fine tune', but often, students will discover hidden gifts throughout their studies. As gifts are unveiled, students actively explore these gifts through various mediums through the support of their mentor (Laura) or another practitioner. Apprenticeships occur in each circle. 

10. Embodiment 

At the conclusion of a circle, students will attend a session with Laura to actively reflect on their experiences and establish the next learning circle. Often, these sessions will include a guided meditation. 

11. Bi-weekly phone check-ins with Laura

Stuff happens when we grow and expand that we may not see coming. Check-ins are to catch those moments and offer mentor support in brief conversations, celebrations and wonders. 

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