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Mandala Circle Learning Methodology

What are Mandala Circles of Learning?

Understanding and embodying your soul's wisdom is a magical experience, AND it is familiar - familiar because you were born with this wisdom! But, in our modern society we are not taught to listen to our inner voice. We are told what to learn, when to learn it, and how. However, we already know what we need, and I want to provide an avenue to facilitate this knowingness. 

We cannot access our most profound inner wisdom through a linear, pre-determined approach - it already dwells inside of you, waiting to be fully activated. Only You know what You desire! So how do we get there? Picture a beautiful circle, like a rainbow flattened, spinning around. This circle is your wisdom. There are many colors in this circle, each blending into the next, but there is a distinction. Each color represents a part of you needing to be activated by either knowledge, experiences or expression. When your circle is mastered, the embodiment of your knowledge expands outward and upward to another circle, and the experience begins again in a higher state of awareness. This process is how our awareness, consciousness and knowingness grows. Similar to the circles on a tree trunk as they grow and expand with more nourishment and light. 


The Aspects of the Circle:











The first aspect of the circle of learning is honoring the intellectual mind, creating a literal foundation of information. This foundation celebrates the mind's curiosity as one begins to question and ponder deeply. This process allows the student to deconstruct old beliefs that do not serve them in their higher good. In other words, it is the first knock on the door bringing unconscious patterning to light. I call this "I see" - I see the light; the Truth is being unveiled.


Two examples of "I see" foundational studies:

  •  In your initial interview, I will pull some books based on your desires. You will choose what you desire to study if it is through a book. Therefore, one class could be a book study with a structured question and answer or an independent study approach.

  • An in-person or zoom spiritual foundations class with other members of Vistara.


Another aspect of the circle of learning is 'what do I feel'. The brain is activated through questioning, wondering and it begins the journey of alignment. Now, it is time for the senses to come alive and align to the wisdom, answering, "How do we begin to process our foundational wisdom and put it into motion - how is it practical?" The 'I feel' aspect combines with the "I see" experience, reinforcing what the soul knows is true. The cause-and-effect experiences create physical and emotional patterning that aligns with the Soul's Wisdom. 


Two examples of "I feel" practical experiences:

  • An independent study of a book, movie or documentary involving a practical experience relating to your passion.

  • Walking a labyrinth and journal about your experiences before, during and after.




The final aspect of the circle is the "I am" embodiment. The intellectual and emotional minds have been initiated to prepare the individual to express this wisdom - the knowingness of "I am Light, I am Wisdom, I am Whole." Students will create and share their knowledge in any expressive form they choose. It may appear to be an end of the circle; however, the circle expands outward and upward through embodiment, and another begins - this is the process of creativity, expanded consciousness, and the embodiment of love energy. The knowingness of THYSELF!


Examples of possible expressions of 'I am':

  • Creating your class or book study.

  • Creating a vision board.

  • Creating a visual art piece representing your growth and knowingness.

  • Offering energy or intuitive session for others.





To activate the soul's wisdom at our core, we will See, Feel and Embrace our Light, the first layer of the Mandala. Based on this methodology, Vistara offers three pathways to unlock your soul's wisdom through custom-designed learning paths that integrate healing, foundational learning, exploring, community and embodiment. 



I am

I see

I feel

I feel

I am



I see







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