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The Vistara School Gap College Program


After the intense pressures of high school, the hectic pace quickens, and expectations advance. It can be challenging to prioritize getting to know oneself at a deeper level. As a former teacher, high school mentor, and spiritual counselor, I recognize overwhelmed teens as their academic brain is exhausted. In contrast, their emotional brain has not had the attention it so desperately needs. Therefore, depression and anxiety can become their norm.


The solution is to take the time to breathe, slow down and go on an inner journey of self-awareness. When young adults are empowered from within, they uncover their Divine spark and live in the Light of their beautiful selves; their true selves! As a result of this profound experience, they emit confidence and shine their Light in the world!


  • High school graduates who desire an 'in-between' program before college. 

  • College students home from college for a quarter, semester or a summer.

  • Young adults (under 22) wanting a spiritual and enlightening journey.  



It is essential to take traditional learning paths and throw them out the window. It is an exciting opportunity to learn what may at first seem so incredibly different but will soon become familiar and joyous! We will tailor this program content to help students understand their place in the universe. They may want to explore:

  • Their belief systems through mindfulness training.

  • Recover their self-worth and understand themselves at a deeper level.

  • Study spirituality and Universal Laws and how they can positively impact their lives.

  • Uncover hidden gifts and what truly brings them joy.

  • Explore who and what they want to be in the 'real world'.


Through the Mandala Circle of Learning methodology, students will go on a journey honoring their intellectual brain, healing their emotional body and aligning to their soul's wisdom and Divine Truth through mindfulness and spiritual consciousness. Everyone comes to Vistara from various backgrounds and experiences; therefore, we will meet each individual where they are on their journey. 



The key to the Vistara experience is mentorship. Students will be assigned a mentor (Laura Mock) and be supported and guided to the experiences for greatest potential throughout their Vistara experience.

A circle may include:


  • An intense study of a book in your field individually or in a small group.

    • Answering questions given by your mentor.

    • Discussing this weekly or biweekly.

  • Complete an independent study.

    • You decide how to best share and express your learning.

  • Attending one class or attending a class throughout your program.

  • Attend movie or documentary night with other students. *chosen by a mentor based on circle intentions.

  • Intuitive/healing sessions with your mentor for guidance and support.

  • Nature day with others in the program!

  • Experiences such as walking a labyrinth, receiving energy or intuitive session, etc. 

  • Expressions of your gifts include creating your class, designing and planting a spiritual garden, etc.


Length of programs are 6 weeks, or 4 month quarters. Students can complete as many quarters as they choose up to a year.  Students will receive a Vistara Credential Certificate at the end of each circle.


As each circle is uniquely designed according to the needs and desires of the student, pricing and credit hours per circle will also be fluid. *Registration fee is $75.

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