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Welcome to

The Vistara School Soul Expansion Journey



Welcome to The Vistara Soul Expansion Experience! Vistara is a community of seekers, a place where the personality and soul align to create healing and meaning. Seekers feel called to uncover:

  • Who am I?

  • Why am I here?

  • How can I heal?

  • What is my connection to the Divine?

  • How can I live a more meaningful and purposeful life? 


Through the Mandala Circle of Learning methodology, students will go on a journey honoring their intellectual brain, healing their emotional body and aligning to their soul's wisdom and Divine Truth through mindfulness and spiritual consciousness. Everyone comes to Vistara from various backgrounds and experiences; therefore, we will meet each individual where they are on their journey. 




Develop a Custom Circle:

  • Seekers may choose to set aside a period of time and develop a custom circle of learning according to the core components below. Individuals feeling called to intensive healing and learning may prefer this structured approach.

    • Individuals completing a full circle will receive a credential certificate that may be applied to the Practitioner of the Healing Arts Program if they so choose in the future. 

    • Individuals will have mentorship throughout their circle.

    • We cannot rush expansion; therefore, learning circles will take as long as you need to complete - all in perfect Divine timing! Some circles may take three months while others take longer. As each circle is uniquely designed according to the needs and desires of the student, pricing and credit hours per circle will also be fluid. 

    • Payments can be made in full, or payment plans are available. 

A'La Carte:

  • Others may prefer to choose from current classes and experiences that pique their interest throughout The Vistara School at that present time.​

    • Time commitment will vary due to the experience/class.

    • Payments are due at the time of the experience.​




Personal healing and expansion are vital to uncovering your true Divine essence. When you encounter your true Divine essence, anything that is blocking this expansion will rise to your awareness to be healed. Through healing your inner self, you will step into your Divine power - not a power of the ego, but an expansive sense of empowerment that comes from knowing you are one with the Divine. Healing is a continuous process and will be incorporated into every circle.



In our modern world, the intellectual brain is greatly valued, and therefore it sometimes develops faster than the emotional or spiritual aspects of self. Instead of denying the intellectual experience, we will engage it by studying Divine/Universal laws and Ancient Wisdom and concepts. As Universal Truths are taught and absorbed, the students' vibration raises to Divine Love frequency. This frequency will then activate the heart and soul's wisdom by going deeper within and expanding into higher consciousness.


Foundational learning may occur in small groups or individually; it may appear as a book study or discussion-based learning. The content will be determined by what you desire to learn. Unlike traditional schooling, foundational knowledge is just scratching the surface of what you are being called to know and remember. Foundational learning plants seeds within us that we will nurture through vulnerability and engage practically to grow the concepts from within and fully embody the Soul's Wisdom (Divine Truth).



When we embrace foundational Divine Truths, it is like opening our eyes for the first time. We begin to see old things in new ways - we look at the same world but begin to see it differently. From this new perspective, we want to practice engaging with the world in a new way. We want to approach it from a spirit of vulnerability and learn to interact with Divine frequency revealed within and around us. We want to integrate the intellectual with the emotional. We ask, "What do these truths mean for me?" "Where do I see them present?" and "How do I interact with them?" Together we will identify practical means (meditation, community engagement, energy work, etc.) for you to understand Foundational learning at a core level, more profound than your intellect.



Vistara is a loving community designed to help others support one another through intellectual, emotional, and spiritual paths. Seekers learn from others on similar paths; seekers facilitate healing for others by creating a community of unconditional love and non-judgement; seekers help each other explore and reflect on their gifts in a safe environment. Students may work alongside others in the Soul Expansion Journey and those in the other programs - Practitioner and Gap Program.



As the four aspects of your circle learning interact with one another and blend, those experiences activate the soul's memory. Through this higher frequency, your consciousness expands, and the embodiment of Divine Wisdom occurs. Embodiment sessions will take place when the student feels it is time to move to the next circle. The student will participate in a guided session to unpack and reflect on your circle experience. Healing, foundational learning, exploring, and practical application are woven together and expand your consciousness. This expansion is a sacred experience as it is the frequency of embracing your soul's wisdom that will lead you to your next circle on your practitioner journey. 


What does this mean for you?  A few things -

  • Students who attend Vistara can receive credit towards any Emerson Masters or Doctorate Degrees.

  • Through our partnerships, Vistara can offer over 100 book study classes!




Students will receive a credential certificate for each completed Vistara class. If the student chooses to enter the Vistara practitioner program or would like to pursue a degree at Emerson, these credentials will count toward your units of study.




  • For individuals choosing to create a Custom Circle, learning circles will take as long as you need to complete - all in perfect Divine timing! However, it would be reasonable to expect 3-4 months for a circle.

  • A' la carte experiences can range from a 2-hour class, a 2-month book study, or a class meeting over several months.


  • Soul Expansion students - Choose at least one from each section below to create your Mandala Circle of Learning: (*once you are registered, you will meet with your mentor to help determine the specifics of your circle.) A Credential Certificate is given for each completed circle, which students may use towards a future healing arts practitioner if they choose. **One-time registration fee of $100


  • A' la Carte students - Pick and choose from any below - at your own pace, in your own time.  Healing sessions will always be available.  Foundational, Exploration classes and experiences will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students in Vistara's programs will have priority. After students register, A' la Carte students may register for a class. The more, the merrier! *One-time registration fee of $100


Sections and Fees:

  1. Healing 

  2. Foundational & Community 

  3. Exploration & Community  

  4. Embodiment  

Choose at least one from each section below to create your Mandala Circle of Learning:

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Found use this one.PNG
F and C for SJ edited.PNG
exploration use this one.PNG
Emob use this one.PNG
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