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Vistara Student Reflections

The Becoming

It is not the same for everyone.

Sometimes it happens all at once.

Much of the time it happens slowly, over time.  

Never something you intended or thought would happen to you.  


You can't force it. 

Most often you resist it. 

Or doubt it, or think you're not worthy. 

But once you begin, there's no stopping the Becoming.

And you are no longer the same person. 


What sets the Becoming in motion is different for every person. 

Maybe it was a shattering of deep grief and pain of loss. 

Maybe it was a horrific, unimaginable trauma.

Maybe you don't even know the exact moment or event.  

Whatever the cause, there is no going back,


Only forward. 


There is no going back to your old self.

Your old ways.

Your old habits.  

Nothing will taste the same, sound the same or feel the same.  

Everything will look different and even smell different.

It's bizarre.  And unexplainable.  

And no matter how hard you might try, it is impossible to return to the before. 


So you let it happen. 


You Become. 


After the initial resistance, you begin to settle into the process.  

And eventually you realize that you are Becoming more you than you've ever been before. 

Your heart fractures wide open and you remember who you are

You Become Light and Love and all things Big and Beautiful and True.

You Become raw and authentic, gentler and more compassionate. 

You have a new found understanding and tolerance. 

You hear clearly your innate knowledge and wisdom. 

And you begin to recognize that there was no other way for you than this.


The Becoming is sacred work.

Holy work.

Pure work. 

Quiet work. 


You allow the Love and the Knowing to flow through you. 

You Become whole and complete.


You honor the Light inside of you, 

You honor the Light you now see in every other, living thing

And you are overwhelmed with the deepest of gratitude. 


You Become still. 

You Become aware of the Divine peace and Love within you.


You release yourself to Grace and heal. 


You are transformed.


You have Become. 

By Amanda Bohmont

- Holy Listener

Lotus Flower
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