Laura Mock


God is an experience – not a word.

God is a sensation – not a rule.

God is – I am.


God is an experience – not a religion.

God is home – not a far way place.

God is – I am.


God is familiar.

God is love.

God is you.

God is me.


God knocks on the door of your mind and through your breath –

Through the silence trying to find it’s resting place.


God is silence.

God is silence within the noise -

Noise of the material world -

Noise of silent thoughts.


God is the experience of silence reverberating off every corner of your body.


God is within – not out here somewhere, lost and hard to find.


God is your breath, your heartbeat, your eyes, your mouth, your hair –



Therefore, everywhere you walk must be Holy Ground –

But it is only known to those that are awakened.


Each breath – each step – each movement is that of God.


Are you aware of your Holy Temple?

Are you aware that you have been chosen to house God?


Really be with this Truth –

What would you do differently if you consciously knew you were the house of God?


Would you tend to yourself differently?

Would you feed it differently?

Would you feed healthy thoughts that honor the temple?

Healthy foods?  Healthy experiences?  Healthy perceptions?


Would healthy thoughts and food declutter the temple –

Keep it ‘clean’ in order for God to function clearly through you?


Clutter creates discord – it creates difficult spaces to maneuver around. 

Cluttered thoughts of self-judgment  - negativity towards others make it more difficult for you to hear and feel the Master within.


It feels as though the Divine must swim through pea soup –

Slowly trying to make Its way to the surface.


The antidote?  The answer?


Create silence to make the path clear for you to experience the Divine consciously.


It is simpler than you can know –

Life happens – it can be busy.

The busier the more cluttered sometimes.


Therefore, it is important to clear a path for the Divine to communicate with you –

And what clears the path? –


Silence– the breath.


Make friends with the silence –

It is waiting for you.


Your temple is and always has been Divine –

We are waiting for you to simply remember that you house the most Holy One of all –



With love

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