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How did I lose myself?

Updated: May 3, 2021

How you can start reconnecting to your joy

When we find ourselves feeling alone, depressed, saying or doing things that are harming ourselves or others, we are disconnected from who we really are. We have forgotten our true essence. I would even say we have forgotten the Divinity within ourselves. How? We gave our power to the voices outside of us; we gave them so much power, it became our voice. It happened so fast that we were not even aware that it was happening!

Therefore, the thoughts running through our brain never seem to end; so much so, they are literally controlling us. Our identity has become this voice, the voice that says, "I am not good enough." We become exhausted, physically and mentally, as our thoughts are wearing us out.

When we hear we are disconnected from the Divine energy that brought us into life, why does this not spark change? Here are a few reasons

  • We were not encouraged to listen to our inner wisdom (by others that were not as well). We were in environments that rejected the wisdom we were born with, and we believed it was the truth. If you are a people pleaser or want to keep the peace in your house, you have often agreed to block your inner wisdom and went along with what you felt was right. If you tried to listen to your inner voice, you might have been labeled a rebel or 'bad' kid.

  • Therefore, we forgot that our power comes from within. We were not taught the skills to 'tune in' to our inner wisdom. We did not learn to discern between the thoughts in our heads: Divine truth and the other thoughts that are just simply filtering through (non-truths).

  • We were not taught that thoughts are real 'things', and we choose what to think and believe.

  • There was no talk about 'picking up on other people's thoughts or emotions.

  • We were taught to label ourselves (and others) as good or bad. When, instead, 'good' is when we are in balance ('In the Flow"), and 'bad' is when life is simply showing us where we are out of balance and need re-aligning/remembering.

These are just a few- they are as individual as we are!


Well, here is the part where it gets better! When we get 'tired' of living in that energy, we start the journey of reclaiming our true self! Here is where the healing and remembering begins! Take a moment and honor that you were unintentionally taught to IGNORE your inner 'knowingness'. Consider immediately blessing those that did not know any better (even if you think they did) because of the golden rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated. They truly did not know because they were taught the same way; they may have been in deep pain and generational dysfunction.

In most cases, I do feel everyone is doing the best they can do. Now, we can choose to end that cycle and bless those that may have hurt you can immediately begin to reclaim our power; we are no longer a victim of our circumstances anymore. We are the author of our story! Maya Angelou says, "When you know better, you do better."

The secret is we are always connected to something greater than ourselves. We cannot see it or feel it at times because our thoughts are blocking us from feeling it as it is invisible to the naked eye. I sense this is true because our thoughts become louder than our breath. Here are some things to experiment with to help you remember and feel your Divine connection:

  • There is value in intellectualizing the information in this article. Some of us start there to convince our brains that we do have self-worth. Consider reading books, attending classes, reaching out and beginning to educate yourself on Divine Truths and Universal Laws (things you knew as a child but forgot). Here is a small list of some great authors:

  • Marianne Williamson

  • Deepak Chopra

  • Dr Wayne Dyer

  • Eileen Caddy

  • Eckhart Tolle

  • Byron Katie

  • Don Miguel Ruiz

  • Pierre Pradervand

  • Louise Hay

  • Karen Armstrong

  • Dr Christiane Northrup

  • Elizabeth Lesser

  • Caroline Myss

  • Gary Zukav

Also, see what jumps out at you in the bookstore!!!

  • Bless yourself and using the power of I AM: Think about how you feel (if it is undesirable) and focus on the opposite. For example, if you are feeling sad or depressed, "I bless myself in abundant joy." or you could say, "I AM abundant joy! If thoughts are things and we can choose what to say and believe, then begin to retrain your brain by telling it what you want to feel, and before you know it, it will be true!

  • Bless those in or on your path, especially those you feel frustrated or angry towards. Check out this quote from Pierre Pradervand:

"Blessing those who attack us in any manner, in word or deed, truly constitutes impenetrable armor and prevents the arrows aimed at us from wounding us inside, even if we are touched physically, for the minute we are clothed with the love such blessings express, we are no longer at the mercy of outside circumstances, people, forces or events." (Pradervand, 63)

  • Look at yourself in the mirror - keep looking until you see God looking back at you. Notice if you turn away. If so, do not give up! I do not remember where I read this or was told this, but this is simple and powerful!

  • Sit in silence. Focus on your breathe and ask to feel your Divine essence. When thoughts pop in, do not fight them. Simply embrace them as a thought and watch them leave. You could put your hand on your heart and feel it beating while focusing back on your breathe.

  • Find beautiful meditations on YouTube, or Oprah and Deepak Chopra created a series of meditations online. Cait Allison has published guided meditations on her website as well! Cait Klein Meditations

See what you think - see what you FEEL? You are enough! Many blessings.

References Cited:

  • Pradervand, Pierre. The Gentle Art of Blessing: a Simple Practice That Will Transform You and Your World. Cygnus Books, 2010.

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