There is a Field...

Laura Mock does exist


  • “Out beyond the ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field.  
  • I will meet you there.” - Rumi

Imagine that field...

A field where you are not labeled good or bad for what you have done or have not done.  

A field where you can look at your life through the lens of love and acceptance.  

It may seem foreign initially.  But, there is a field - it does exist!  The strangest part of it all, we all already dwell in this field, but we sometimes forget it’s location OR how to find it again OR that we ever were there to begin with!  It is the Divine Wisdom within each of us, and it has been there all along.

Imagine reading the story of your life, from the perspective of non-judgment.  You are merely witnessing these experiences that make up your story. There are no negative or positive emotions attached to anything you observe.  It just is. From this perspective, you can now see how everything is connected.

You clearly discern when you sought your value from the external world, how that created disappointment and pain.  

You never feel tempted to judge yourself for you see all the wisdom you gained from the contrasts of your life.  You can see the wisdom waiting to be gained.

You have a clear understanding and full acceptance of your Life journey thus far, and it all makes sense.

Nothing is what it seems.

In this field, you easily remember you had value all along and that Life was always serving you in this field of Divine Love.  

You can now take this field back with you to your current story and live in full acceptance and appreciation for your blessed path.  

You now recognize you have always been loved.  

You can be free because you have never been anything else!