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The Divine Ladder of Awareness

Updated: May 14, 2021

How can we understand and attain the idea of being ONE with the Divine? Consider looking at Oneness as levels of consciousness, like a ladder of Divine Awareness.

We each have this consciousness or awareness (the ladder) given to us as a gift the day we came into existence, and therefore, it is part of our true identity. When the human fear of the world becomes our consciousness, this belief in fear dictates our perceptions and emotions, and we are on the lower rungs of this ladder. We do not always understand that we have free will to control our movement on the ladder. Our true nature is actually at the highest level; we could even say that we were standing on the top rung when we were born. This truth is so as we were made in the likeness of God, and this is the miracle of our life! We are ONE with the Divine.

“One with Divine”

What happens? We forget. Fear is taught and embraced as truth. Along the way, because of our ‘humanness,’ we do not feel good enough. We do not value ourselves and our journey as a gift. We see bad things in ourselves and others as reasons not to love ourselves or others. We buy into lack, competition, jealousy as ‘real’ and forget what it feels like on the top rung.

However, there is something that dwells inside of us that remembers and has never forgotten! Our soul knows the higher up the ladder we go, the perspective changes; the vantage point is entirely different. We are like a hawk, soaring above seeing the whole picture. When we are on the lower rungs, we only see small details; our perspective is narrower like an ant.

But sometimes, choosing to walk, higher and higher, we may find what appears to be harsh weather, which can appear as roadblocks on the way. These clouds may look thick, dark, and seemingly block the Light above. However, our sight can be deceiving because of human fear that still looms at times. Simply put, we cannot trust the illusion of fear to be accurate. So, now we can choose to keep climbing up into the darkness to face it head-on. The Divine in us knows there is nothing to be afraid of, so we take this step of faith. When we do, we gift ourselves the realization that the dark clouds were just mist masking as insecurity. The illusion dissipates, and clear skies are ahead! We see the Light!

This awareness is the consciousness journey. We can choose our position at any moment. But the highest of all is unconditional love, harmony, peace, and the consciousness of Oneness – The Divine.

Do not worry if you do not like your position on your ladder. Worry will create thick clouds that block your way. Gratitude for the gift of your journey up the ladder is all you need; it is the willingness to take the step –to accept the journey to higher consciousness.

How to take the next step? Know who you are and how you fit into the Universe. Create awareness of Divine Truth – in other words, know that you are a Divine child of God. Is the core of Divine Wisdom:

God is unconditional LOVE, and that is all.

This LOVE is Infinite and always present inside us!

We are ONE with this Source Energy in the Universe!

Therefore, Divine Wisdom dwells inside of us, and in our silence, we can feel the love, the clarity, the wisdom that is our birthright. This knowingness removes any barriers that prevent us from our wholeness!

When we are in gratitude for this gift, we are fully aligned with this Divine Truth.

And, when we are aligned in this truth, life is simple, joyous, and fulfilling.

With this perspective, we can now see this journey up the ladder as the miracle of life!

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