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My safe place

I have a safe place, but it’s a secret for just me.

I first found it when I was a child, no more than three.

It was in the woods, in the garden, in the sandbox, in my tree;

this secret world that only I could see.

I have a safe place, I remember it well.

When I was a little girl, no more than twelve.

It was there where I lost myself; nothing else mattered to me.

I built it with love, with imagination, to simply Be.

I have a safe place, it was only for me!

It was there, in that space, that I was free.

I would gaze out the window in dark of the night,

as the moon revealed to me her Infinite Light.

She told me about God, Love Truth… all about me.

She told me we were all One, as I then, could clearly could see.

It was my safe place, that was just for thee.

A place I had forgotten by the time I was twenty-three.

That confident little girl seemed to disappear,

as she gave into self-judgement, doubt and fear.

This place I yearned for, I cried for, I greatly missed.

I did not remember what I was looking for, but I would persist!

I searched everyone to find It, in their praise, their judgements, everywhere outside.

I was endlessly looking in places where It did not reside.

Where was my place? Where had it gone?

I was so tired, as I had looked for so long!

In my desperate hour, my saddest day, I heard a familiar voice utter,

“I am here, I never left you; but you could not see for all of the clutter.”

This place that I was born with, the place that freed me;

It had been there the whole time, loving me unconditionally.

I have a safe place, I knew as a child... it was still in the woods, in the trees, in the sand,

in my imagination, in the moon, in my childhood land.

It was close as my heartbeat, It was in the depths of my soul.

It is there to remind me, I have always been whole.

Now, I found my safe place, and It is here to stay,

I send you love and blessings as you find your safe place on this Magical Day!

Laura Mock

October 16, 2017

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