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Are you Optimistic or Pessimistic? ...a learned perspective

Updated: May 3, 2021

"People are not born optimistic or pessimistic; they learn to be what they are."

- Dr. Frederick Bailes.

Why is this so? Our thoughts and our beliefs create our reality. Whatever we believe, we create in our world. If we believe the cup is half full, then we see our experiences through that lens. If we believe the world is out to get us, our perception turns into our experience. We recognize what we believe. This experience is proven when two people give different perceptions of the same event they experienced together. They are different because they perceived the events from their belief system.

Positive or negative dispositions can 'run' in families. The cup half empty belief system is passed down through the generations. These belief systems are compelling and can mask as facts. At first glance, this makes total sense. We have 'proof' that the world is out to get us, and we feel we are not worthy of true happiness - look at everything that has happened? But is this true?

All it takes is one person in a family to break the chain of lack and low self-worth. Many do this by questioning the belief system, the predominant thoughts of negativity. It takes just one person to connect the dots between thoughts and reality.

Refer to the people giving different perceptions of the same event. One may recall it as doom and gloom, while the other sees opportunities in the event. One may feel like a victim, and one may refuse to be one. One may believe they will never recover, and the other sees many avenues to learn and grow. It takes one person to consider that 'bad' things are not happening because life is out to get them or that they are not good enough. Maybe this event occurred because, deep down inside, they believed that this was their worth? Now, they are going to feel something different consciously.

This quote from Eileen Caddy (paraphrased) spells it out:

"Look for the spark in the dark. Focus on that small spark and watch it grow. You will be shocked you did not see it all along!"

In other words, find the one good thing in a difficult event or situation. Give all your attention to it, as much as you can. Go back to the spark each time sadness pops into your consciousness. Write about the spark, talk about the spark! Before you know it, the spark has taken over, and all you experience is the light! Your perception has been shifted, and your belief has been transformed. You now know you were not being 'punished' because this happened to you. You now know that it was a gift. You now know you are a gift!

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