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Uncover your Light from within...

 Healing and Remembering 

Welcome!  It is my honor to go on a healing journey with individuals of all ages to discover and recover their joy.  At times, we can forget what it feels like to be whole - to feel joy and purpose. The remedy is being in the presence of Divine Love, which is unconditional love and non - judgment, the healing balm for all.   When we are guided to see our life through the lens of Divine Love, we can then embrace the messy parts of our journey as opportunities to discover who we really are - a beautiful soul here to love, to be loved and to live a meaningful life.


"Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.  I'll meet you there," - Rumi

Healing and Remembering:



I came into this world as a mystical child. I often played in the seven acres of woods surrounding my house, getting lost in the magical forest. I saw and experienced imaginary worlds that felt more real than the other one outside of the woods. This was my happy place, my home. 
Growing up and transitioning to the 'real' world was difficult at times. I had lost my spark for a while, and I went on a journey to find it. I became a seeker in my 20's asking questions like, "Who Am I", "Why Am I Here?" and "What is the purpose of life?" I began a mystical journey, rediscovering that magical child and her soul's wisdom.  Through uncovering my Divine Truth, my true self, I found myself helping others along their path to remember their authentic selves.  It is a gift and an honor to serve as a channel of Divine Wisdom and Love. 


I continue to play in the woods, garden and meditate in nature!  I share this beautiful journey with my husband of almost 25 years, two beautiful sons, my dear Mother, who lives with us along with our beloved dog and cats.  My childhood fantasy came alive as  I work in a little magical cabin in the woods! :)


Pathways to uncover and expand your

soul’s wisdom.



Working as a practitioner in the healing arts for many years, I am answering my soul's calling to expand my practice and open a school - The School of Vistara Teachings.  Vistara in ancient Sanskrit is defined as 'expansive.' Therefore, it is my mission to assist individuals in uncovering and expanding their soul's wisdom.  

Those attracted to Vistara come for a variety of reasons.  Some may desire to expand an existing healing practice, while future practitioners answer the call to serve their community.  Others seek to grow and deepen their connection to the Divine on their unique spiritual journey.  Young adults crave the time to develop a strong sense of self and emotional empowerment before heading out to the 'real world.'  The School of Vistara Teachings offers specific, tailored-made pathways aligned to meet the intentions of each student with the support of their mentor, Laura Mock.

We are also excited to announce Vistara is an affiliate of Emerson Theological Institute!  This partnership opens up amazing opportunities for Vistara students!  For more details about Vistara and our Emerson affiliation, please click below.

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