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Vistara Mentors  is a group of compassionate, soulful, and mindful individuals desiring to support young adults navigating the modern world. Many are in a transition period, looking for mentoring but not necessarily seeking or needing traditional therapy. To meet this need, I have gathered a group of individuals with varied backgrounds and life experiences to listen, reflect, empower, and offer wisdom if asked.

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Vistara Mentors

Where did this idea originate?

Laura Mock, the founder of The Vistara School of Wisdom has a passion to serve. She serves her greater community as a spiritual practitioner working with all ages through a compassionate and mindful approach. As her practice grew, the need to support young adults grew significantly in the post-pandemic time. She identified a unique group emerging in her work - a group of teens and young adults who did not need or desire traditional therapy. Instead, they are looking for support through deeper authentic connections and understanding. They want someone outside of their family and friends to listen to and acknowledge their life experiences; to validate their feelings and tell them that they matter.  They crave to see themselves through someone they can relate to; someone  who not only survived  a difficult time, but is now thriving!  They want to be inspired by others' wisdom to find their own. They are looking for mentors!

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The Meaning Behind "Vistara":

"Where your greatest passions and the world's greatest needs intersect is where your vocation lies." - Aristotle. This quote inspired founder Laura Mock's passion for creating the Vistara School of Wisdom, a non-traditional school desiring to serve those looking for deeper meaning and purpose in their life. Vistara means expansive  which reflects our continuous expansion and growth in new territories both as individuals and collectively in the greater world. 

Are Vistara Mentors religiously affiliated or spiritual?

Mentors who work in the Vistara group do not have any religious agenda. We feel strongly that everyone's journey matters and is valid, including religious freedom or non-religious. We define spirituality as an energy of mindfulness, unconditional love, and non-judgment. We do not desire to control, limit or define anyone's journey. Again, spirituality to us is love and respect for free will. 

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Why is this not therapy?

Mentors can be found everywhere! The teachers you connected with in school are your mentors. The older, wiser person who has been at your work for a long time is your mentor.  The person who taught you to drive or to cook is a type of mentor. Mentors can help inspire you to grow, give you a second opinion, connect you with others, and share valuable life lessons. Sometimes the biggest challenge is finding and connecting with a mentor.

Therefore, Laura Mock wanted to bring together a group of compassionate people with unique niches and wisdom in one place to make it easy for young adults to find safe, trusted connections and the support they seek. Each mentor deeply understands the struggles of transitioning to adulthood and offers support on a self-empowerment journey while being authentic, compassionate, and reflective listeners. That being said, mentors are not licensed counselors or therapists. They do not replace a licensed counselor if an individual needs psychological counseling. Therefore, all clients must sign a waiver saying they understand mentors are not posing as or replacing licensed therapists. 

Mentors serve as guides to their mentees. Their role is to listen, encourage, support and offer advice if asked. Mentors are wise with rich life experiences and are willing to listen and share. You can expect natural conversations where you may be swapping stories, finding connections, asking for perspective: if you have a favorite Aunt or Uncle, it is like talking to them. Many individuals who seek a mentor may also have a private therapist. Some may only want a mentor. Whatever you feel best supports you on your journey is perfect!


Each mentor sets an independant pay scale and payment will be made directly to the mentor and not to Laura Mock or Vistara. We feel it is important to have an exchange as it honors both your time and the mentor’s. However, our intention is to never turn anyone away based on financial concerns. We believe strongly that no one should go without the support they desire or seek!

Meet the Mentors

Amanda Bohmont


Lara Fleming

Lara has a BA in Psychology from UNC - Chapel Hill and MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management from Appalachian State University. After graduating, she worked in the consulting and banking industries as a human resource and leadership development manager and executive for 10 years. When she became a mother, she felt a deep calling to make this role her full time job, so she stepped away from the corporate world. While focusing on raising her children, Lara also earned her certification from Queens University in the Actualized Leader Profile, and she became an avid student of the enneagram. She studied and experienced firsthand the healing power of nature immersion, breath work, energy work, movement, meditation, spirit animals, drumming, journaling and ceremony. She has worked with a shaman from Ireland to learn about and experience the power of shamanic journeying. Lara earned her certification as a Holy Fire Reiki Master from the International Center of Reiki training, and she is a Vistara Practitioner of the Healing Arts from the Vistara School of Wisdom. 


Lara also volunteers with Roof Above, the primary organization in Charlotte that supports our neighbors currently experiencing homelessness. Roof Above and Lara believe that permanent supportive housing is the solution to homelessness. 

Lee Ann Harrison Houser

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