School-wide focus on Making Connections

Laura Mock

How to created a peaceful and productive work environment for your school

Each school has a 'vibe'.  Positive or negative work environments can literally be felt by all.  There are immediate solutions to either give your school a fresh boost or to get back on track if school drama is taking over the mission of the school.   By learning a simple and short process, staff can use conflict/disagreements to transform into powerful avenues for growth.  The main component of this process is examining difficult situations in the absence of high-stress emotions; it can change our perceptions immediately.  At that point, we can easily find the gift within the conflict that was there the entire time!  

This workshop can be individually designed for your school's specific needs, but could include any of the following areas:

  • *How to find the gifts and opportunities in opposite personalities.
  • *Understanding how our own 'triggers' and unhealed parts of us affect all of our interactions, including work.
  • *Learning how to address those 'triggers' in a healthy way.


All children, teachers and staff deserve a beautiful and healthy place to grow!  It can be done!

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