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Laura Mock

Emotional Awareness

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Connecting with our students is essential in developing the whole child:  academic, social and emotional.  Teachers know this already, but with so many other pressures and responsibilities filling up their bucket, it can be difficult to foster these relationships in the manner in which they would prefer.  This seems to be one of the main factors of teacher burnout as the job can create a great deal of unwanted stress and unhappiness.

The key to creating a peaceful and productive classroom, high job satisfaction, positive academic growth and healthy work environment is Emotional Awareness of the Teacher.  In just a few hours, teachers will receive well-deserved TLC, while participating in a powerful conversation about emotions.  Teachers will learn:

*Emotions Matter - Research behind Emotional IQ

*Why social and emotional education/support matters for academic learning.

*Why and how to connect with students on a healthy, emotional level.

*How a teacher feels about themselves, deep down inside, is affecting their job and overall happiness.

*How to analyze their own thoughts and beliefs to create positive classroom experiences.

*How to embrace conflicts as a positive, powerful tool for learning.

*Why Awareness (accepting opportunities to grow) versus Perfectionism is a critical component to model in our classrooms.

Teachers will discover the most powerful part about their classroom has lived inside of them all along.  Now it is time to become conscious and connect to their inner wisdom to benefit a student's emotional, social and academic needs! 

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