Couple mentoring

Laura Mock

Spiritual Mentoring/Facilitation

Gary Zukav describes spiritual partnerships as, "relationships between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth."  Sometimes this seems difficult to achieve because we tend to attract partners that eventually bring everything to our surface that needs healing.   The positive shift occurs in relationships when both individuals make the decision to look ‘underneath’ the conflict (or boredom, lack of emotional fulfillment, etc), which most likely existed before the relationship began.  This mutual agreement to raise the ‘relationship consciousness’ is the beginning of a spiritual partnership.  

My role:  Mentoring is a process of defining the needs of the couple, and actively supporting both individuals in achieving their goals.  'Spiritual' is defined by intentionally connecting on a soul level for the purpose of balancing and healing .  Each mentoring experience is unique based on the intentions of the couple.  

*One session is typically 2 hours.

Cost - $ 90.00