Soul Groups

Laura Mock

Spiritual Mentoring/Facilitation

Soul Groups are a 2-hour group session made up of friends, family members, partners (romantic or business), or parent/children that would like to do some 'life' work together.  When you give, you receive; when receive, you give!      Soul Groups are considered 2 or more. 

Groups could be:

*You each bring to the table Individual work with the intention of healing (specific intentions for your life) as you also consciously support one another.

*Something specific that is occurring among the individuals that you would like to heal as a whole unit.

All groups will meet in Mooresville, NC. (Specific location TBA based on size of group.)  Cost is per person.  Feel free to call or email for more questions, set up day/time. etc.   

Love, Laura

Cost - $ 30.00