1 on 1 session (in person)

Laura Mock

Spiritual Mentoring/Facilitation

Mentoring is a process of defining the needs of the individual (see below), and actively supporting one in achieving their goals.  'Spiritual' is defined by intentionally connecting on a soul level for the purpose of balancing and healing.  Each mentoring experience is unique based on the intentions of the client.  

Issues that could be discussed:

  • *Dealing with anger, sadness, negative self-talk
  • *Constant worry, drama in relationships, overwhelming fear
  • *Lost hopes and dreams, going through the motions of life
  • *Feel not good enough/not worthy
  • *Emotionally exhausted, not feeling connected to the real you.
  • *Feeling alone or different
  • *Desiring a personal connection to a higher source
  • *Understanding why you feel so sensitive
  • *Discussion of "Life" Wisdom/Key Elements of Life (see philosophy)
  • *Learning how to silence the mind and go within.

Each session lasts anywhere from 90 min to 2 hours.

Cost - $ 75.00