Divine Truth and Forgetfulness

Laura Mock

Contrasting View

What happened to the Divine Truth we were born knowing?  For many reasons, we were conditioned to forget. Now is the time to remember!  Marian Starnes, the beloved minister and intuitive, said, “We are not here to learn; we are here to remember!”  Below are some examples of our knowingness and our unconscious forgetfulness.  As you read, pay attention to how your body feels while reading the left column.  Does it FEEL familiar? ALLOW the TRUTH to trigger your soul’s memory. Let it seep in, knowing you are loved and have always been!  

Truth /Knowingness                                                                                  What it feels like to forget

Born knowing, loving and trusting thyself.

Questioning oneself regularly.

Born knowing we are love and loved

Doubting we are worthy and therefore, feeling unlovable.  

Born knowing our life will be filled with contrasts for the purpose of evolving.

Using negative experiences as a way of self-doubting and an excuse to punish ourselves.

Born knowing that difficult experiences are simply an effect of a deeper cause that we are being directed to heal.  The cause is a non-serving (societal) belief. It is there to wake us up and remind us to head in a different direction.  This is just a contrast of life that is here to serve us!

When difficult things happen, we can over-focus on the event that brings us stress and self-doubt.  We try to ‘fix’ it or put band-aids on the thing that causes the pain. When it does not work, we feel we are not good enough and unworthy of true happiness because we are not smart enough (good enough, worthy enough, etc.).  We forget to look deeper for the opportunity to grow and to move forward in a different direction.

Born knowing we are perfect just as we are, no matter what life experiences we have...we have a healthy detached view of our life.

We become overly attached to outcomes that we feel prove our low self-worth.  Therefore, feeling we are born with flaws and that our flaws prove that we are not good enough.

Born knowing life (God) is always serving us.

Feeling life or God is punishing us.

Born knowing our value is unconditional; our value comes from inside ourselves because it was born with us.  We have value because we exist.

Feeling our value is conditional based on external events or experiences.  

Born knowing we are whole

Feeling we are broken and ‘unhealable’.

Born knowing that earthly pain can turn into wisdom that propels us to an even greater awareness and love in our lives.  

Feeling we are a victim and therefore, becoming stuck in our helplessness that society sometimes encourages.  

Born knowing we are the author of our story and have been blessed with
free-will to create.  
Feeling that we have no power and the world and others define who we are ‘they’ write our story.

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